Id No. 6

One of Sigmund Freud’s three divisions of the psyche is the id, which represents the instinctual drives of the psychic apparatus. The Id series reflects our brewery’s needs, wants, desires and impulses. Each release is the actualization of styles, ingredients, techniques and flavors sparked by our present state of mind. These beers are intended to be limited, one-time releases, and tomorrow’s spontaneity will be our impetus.

Id No. 6 is one for a good cause in collaboration with Sierra Nevada Brewing. This Centennial and Cascade India Pale Ale was made in support of those impacted by the Camp Fire in Butte County in late 2018. Craft breweries around the country took part in this collaboration fundraising project, and 100% of all sales of this beer were donated to the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund. Thanks to our community, we were able to raise more than $6,000 for those impacted by these wild fires.