Id No. 15

One of Sigmund Freud’s three divisions of the psyche is the id, which represents the instinctual drives of the psychic apparatus. The Id series reflects our brewery’s needs, wants, desires and impulses. Each release is the actualization of styles, ingredients, techniques and flavors sparked by our present state of mind. These beers are intended to be limited, one-time releases, and tomorrow’s spontaneity will be our impetus.

From the COOP barrel room comes this surprising blend that was too good not to share. It has notes of ripe raspberry and agave on the nose. This is followed by rich dark chocolate, vanilla, and red berries on the palate with a warm, roasty finish. It is a 50/50 blend of the 2021 Imperial Stout fermented on raspberries and our 2017 Territorial Reserve Stout aged in tequila barrels.