About Coop

  • With a background in venture capital and finance, Mr. Mercer leads COOP’s developmental, financial and operational strategies. He hates khakis, snowboards often and loves traveling. A wannabe economist, he enjoys geeky research and reading.

    Coop of choiceFly Me Away IPA
    Daniel Mercer Co-Founder and CEO
  • Fueled by cycling and beer, Blake is the brains behind some of our most beloved beers. A former middle school math teacher, he quickly added up that working in beer is a bit more fun (sorry, kids).

    Coop of choiceTerritorial Reserve Barrel Aged Wild Wheat Wine Honey Ale
    Blake Jarolim Head Brewer
  • Sean is the undisputed king of dad jazz, ‘90s rap and Smossmaning. If you want to see him angry, ask for his thoughts on beer dinners. If you want to see him happy, ask him about his kids or his wife’s pie shop.

    Coop of choiceNative Amber Red IPA
    Sean Mossman Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Lauren’s background in art history and archiving circuitously led her to COOP. Here she has found a home amongst delicious beer and unique co-workers while being able to hone her true skills: getting things done and supporting a healthy, happy workplace.

    Coop of choiceAlpha Hive Double IPA
    Lauren Belteau Gerfen HR Manager
  • Jessica is a caffeine-dependent artist that will one day drink a beer while balancing on her head. She lives vicariously through herself and hopes to one day return to the Shire.

    Coop of choiceGran Sport Porter
    Jessica Legako Administrative Assistant
  • Hung graduated from OU and has been an accountant in various forms since, but he aspires to be a stay-at-home dad. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, hiking, food, his dogs and of course, beer.

    Coop of choiceSaturday Siren Dry-Hopped Pilsner
    Hung Ly Accounting and Regulatory Specialist
  • Derek came to COOP after working the high skies at Tinker Air Force Base in their data analysis department. An OCU graduate and collegiate wrestler, Derek has moved on from crushing skulls to crunching numbers. A data driven drinker, Derek knows all the numbers behind our brand and like Ash from Pokemon, he's #gottagetthatCOOPdata.

    Coop of choiceFly Me Away IPA
    Derek Sivertsen Business Analyst
  • Cam hails from San Antonio and brewed in Texas and Washington before completing the Master Brewer's program at UC Davis. If not on the brewstand, he's likely outside on a backwoods adventure with his pup Lila.

    Cameron Shults Lead Development Brewer
  • Matt has been brewing ever since he hid a homebrew in his bedroom from his mom as a teenager. He made the 22-hour move from Maryland so his wife could pursue her PhD. He loves to ride his motorcycle, try new food and beer, and have adventures with his two rescue dogs, Jett and Ty.

    Coop of choiceId No. 2: Berliner Style Weisse with Peaches
    Matt Matrona Lead Production Brewer
  • Nuestro empleo mas loyal y callado, Claunch ha trabajado con nosotoros para 23 anos duros. Une dia, el con sus planes a tomar control de la cervecera y cambiar el nombre a CLAUNCH Ale Works.

    Coop of choiceTerritorial Reserve Barrel Aged Wild Wheat Wine Honey Ale
    Steven Claunch Packaging Technician
  • You’ll recognize Craig from his certified beer bro beard…bro. He restores motorcycles, cars and order to the back-of-house. Craig lives in Guthrie with his wife, Stacy, and they’re so loyal to the beer life that they named their daughter Porter.

    Coop of choiceSaturday Siren Dry-Hopped Pilsner
    Craig Wiggans Packaging Lead
  • Justin spent three years at Schlafly in St. Louis before joining the COOP team. He’s still a hometown fan of the St. Louis Blues, and he can kick everyone’s butt in bowling while reminding us all we should be wearing close-toed shoes and safety glasses.

    Coop of choiceHorny Toad Blonde
    Justin Phelps Cellarman
  • Shelby showed up on our doorstep the day after his 21st birthday – still young enough to accept beer as payment to help you move. He loves country, beer and shotguns…of DNR.

    Coop of choiceId No. 2: Berliner Style Weisse with Peaches
    Shelby Jones Packaging Technician
  • Darby used to think of himself as a one-man wolf pack. But when his sister brought Shelby home, he knew he was one of his own. And his wolf pack...it grew by one. So there were two of them in the wolf pack... And six months ago, when Shelby introduced him to COOP, he thought, "Wait a second, could it be?" And now he knows for sure. He just added many more guys to the wolf pack.

    Coop of choiceTerritorial Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
    Darby Rose Packaging Technician
  • Josh came from fighting crime as an officer of the law in Nompton to fighting crimes against inventory inaccuracies here at COOP. If you need to know where anything is in the cold room (or in general), ask Josh. You can usually find him zipping around on the forklift, drinking various types of sparkling water or perfecting his Irish exit on a Lime scooter.

    Coop of choiceTopo Chico
    Josh Yager Procurement Specialist
  • Resident Scutoid. Chief Weirdo. Funk Crusader. Full-time hipster. Loves: Coffee. Dogs. Climbing. Vinyl. Science. Books. Sour Beer.

    Coop of choiceId No. 4: Oak Aged Sour Farmhouse Ale
    Shawn Savuto QA/QC Specialist
  • Aaron is new to the COOP team as a microbiologist and lab specialist. He loves Meatballs (his pug), enjoying an evening out at a concert, trying new restaurants or relaxing at home enjoying local beers while playing various card and video games because he's a nerd in the lab and at home.

    Coop of choiceCoconut Territorial Reserve Imperial Stout
    Aaron Boyd QA/QC Lab Technician
Sales & Marketing
  • A native Oklahoman, Courtney headed southbound on I-35 to spread the COOP love in North Texas. She now spends her time in Dallas collecting gnomes, making themed desserts and learning origami.

    Coop of choiceSaturday Siren Dry-Hopped Pilsner
    Courtney Larry Chain Account Sales Manager
  • Laura is a former Boilermaker who fights to the death during March Madness. She came to us from the big boys at Boulevard, and it’s safe to say she and her dog Barnaby know more than you about beer as a Certified Cicerone®.

    Coop of choiceSaturday Siren Dry-Hopped Pilsner
    Laura Heiman, Certified Cicerone® Central Oklahoma Sales
  • Don’t let the grey hair fool you, it’s dyed to match the can of Chris’ favorite beer… Spare Rib. He’s been in the booze business for 20 years, with his wife for 15 and his deaf Boston Terrier, Lucy, for 12. Life is good!

    Coop of choiceSpare Rib Pale Ale
    Chris Converse Central Oklahoma Sales
  • Matt comes to us from the tech industry. After becoming sick of the desk job life, he needed to explore his first love: beer. When he isn't selling (or drinking) COOP, you can find Matt enjoying the outdoors, telling bad jokes, cooking up some comfort food and being overly passionate about the OKC Thunder.

    Coop of choiceId No. 5: Brut IPA
    Matt Melchert Central Oklahoma Sales
  • Bret has been selling adult beverages for years, and excels in drinking them too. He sold COOP at a liquor store in Norman years before fate brought him back to us.

    Coop of choiceSaturday Siren Dry-Hopped Pilsner
    Bret Thompson Northeast Oklahoma Sales
  • Molly spends her work days overly caffeinated, galivanting around the Tulsa restaurant scene with too many office supplies in her bag. Her weekends revolve around her dog’s social calendar, wedding planning and live music.

    Coop of choiceId No. 2: Berliner Style Weisse with Peaches
    Molly Cargill Northeast Oklahoma and Arkansas Sales
  • Maggie is a native Oklahoman and self-proclaimed cat lady. When she’s not ordering COOP-branded everything, she enjoys working out, reading, cooking (AKA eating), and she’ll never turn down a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

    Coop of choiceSaturday Siren Dry-Hopped Pilsner
    Maggie Sylke Brand Marketing Specialist
  • Tori spends most of her free time with her two dogs. Or, finding other people’s dogs to pet. Through manipulation and excessive treat-giving, she quickly won the likes of COOP office hound, Duke (a goal she set day one of the job).

    Coop of choice ½ F5, ½ Grapefruit F5
    Tori Dennis Events Specialist
  • Corey worked in the COOP taproom for two years before he joined the marketing and events team. Despite holding a music degree from UCO, his office location subjects him to many conversations about reality TV and Taylor Swift. He’s survived thus far, and to the rest of our dog lovers’ dismay, holds the official title of Frida’s Favorite Employee.

    Coop of choiceId No. 1: Brett Ale with Persimmons Aged in Chardonnay Barrels
    Corey Smith Sales Representative