About Coop

  • With a background in venture capital and finance, Mr. Mercer leads COOP’s developmental, financial and operational strategies. He hates khakis, snowboards often and loves traveling. A wannabe economist, he enjoys geeky research and reading.

    Coop of choiceFly Me Away IPA
    Daniel Mercer Co-Founder and CEO
  • Fueled by cycling and beer, Blake is the brains behind some of our most beloved beers. A former middle school math teacher, he quickly added up that working in beer is a bit more fun (sorry, kids).

    Coop of choiceTerritorial Reserve Barrel Aged Wild Wheat Wine Honey Ale
    Blake Jarolim Head Brewer & Vice President of Operations
  • Coop of choiceHook Echo
    Ryan Stump Vice President of Operations
  • Brandon is a veteran in the industry. During his career stops, he has lived in 10 different states and 13 different cities, residing on both coasts, spanning the upper midwest and the deep south. Brandon enjoys the outdoors and looks forward to increasing his efforts towards “cycling” around Lake Hefner.

    Coop of choiceIce Chest
    Brandon Reber Vice President of Sales and Distribution
  • Lauren’s background in art history and archiving circuitously led her to COOP. Here she has found a home amongst delicious beer and unique co-workers while being able to hone her true skills: getting things done and supporting a healthy, happy workplace.

    Coop of choiceAlpha Hive Double IPA
    Lauren Belteau Gerfen Vice President of Human Resources
  • Jessica is a caffeine-dependent artist that will one day drink a beer while balancing on her head. She lives vicariously through herself and hopes to one day return to the Shire.

    Coop of choiceGran Sport Porter
    Jessica Legako Staff Coordinator
  • Evan is on the administrative side of COOP Ale and COOP Bev, helping our HR, regulatory, production, marketing, and sales teams. Evan is certified in Sales Force and is the front door gatekeeper. He also handles shipping, office supplies, and the maintenance of the Pontiac building. In Evan's free time, he enjoys beer, golf, and a good movie!

    Coop of choiceCOOP 66
    Evan Page Administrative Specialist
Accounting, Finance and Regulatory
  • Matthew has his CPA and has worked in accounting and finance for 15 years. He currently lives in Arcadia with his family and spends most of his spare time doing whatever his daughter tells him to do.

    Matthew Nunez Controller
  • Coop of choiceHorny Toad
    Katherine Nichols Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
  • Donna Dillinger AP/AR Receivable Manager
  • Coop of choiceHorny Toad ATM
    Melissa Franklin Regulatory Specialist
Business Intelligence
  • Derek came to COOP after working the high skies at Tinker Air Force Base in their data analysis department. An OCU graduate and collegiate wrestler, Derek has moved on from crushing skulls to crunching numbers. A data driven drinker, Derek knows all the numbers behind our brand and like Ash from Pokemon, he's #gottagetthatCOOPdata.

    Coop of choiceFly Me Away IPA
    Derek Sivertsen Director of Business Intelligence
  • Coop of choiceNative Amber
    Jonathan Kelly Business Intelligence Analyst
  • William recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Management Information Systems. Outside of work, he enjoys scuba diving, camping, and just about all things technology!

    William Roten Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Matt has been brewing ever since he hid a homebrew in his bedroom from his mom as a teenager. He made the 22-hour move from Maryland so his wife could pursue her PhD. He loves to ride his motorcycle, try new food and beer, and have adventures with his two rescue dogs, Jett and Ty.

    Coop of choiceWild Wheat Wine
    Matt Matrona Lead Production Brewer
  • Cam hails from San Antonio and brewed in Texas and Washington before completing the Master Brewer's program at UC Davis. If not on the brewstand, he's likely outside on a backwoods adventure with his pup Lila.

    Coop of choiceIce Chest IPA
    Cameron Shults Lead Development Brewer
  • Coop of choiceNative Amber
    Thomas Ortiz Brewing and Cellaring Specialist
  • Drew joined the COOP team all the way from Wichita in March 2020. Over a year of quarantining and social distancing, he's gotten to know the team as best he can. Here's what we know: he likes plants, coffee, Great British Bake Off and he thinks chili is a soup. Do with that information what you will.

    Coop of choiceDNR
    Drew Scanlan Cellarman
  • Steven Claunch is my best friend

    Coop of choiceF5
    Shawn Bowman Cellarman
  • You’ll recognize Craig from his certified beer bro beard…bro. He restores motorcycles, cars and order to the back-of-house. Craig lives in Guthrie with his wife, Stacy, and they’re so loyal to the beer life that they named their daughter Porter.

    Coop of choiceFly Me Away
    Craig Wiggans Packaging Director
  • Nuestro empleo mas loyal y callado, Claunch ha trabajado con nosotoros para 23 anos duros. Une dia, el con sus planes a tomar control de la cervecera y cambiar el nombre a CLAUNCH Ale Works.

    Coop of choiceTerritorial Reserve Barrel Aged Wild Wheat Wine Honey Ale
    Steven Claunch Packaging Lead
  • Shelby showed up on our doorstep the day after his 21st birthday – still young enough to accept beer as payment to help you move. He loves country, beer and shotguns…of DNR.

    Coop of choiceTerritorial Reserve: Wild Wheat Wine
    Shelby Jones Packaging Lead
  • Coop of choiceHorny Toad Blonde Ale
    Cody Deck Packaging Tech
  • Coop of choiceTequila Barrel Aged DNR
    Hanna Marshall Packaging Tech
  • Coop of choiceTequila Barrel Aged DNR
    Julian Ortiz Packaging Tech
  • Coop of choiceAlpha Hive
    Bret Unsell Packaging Tech
  • Coop of choiceOktoberfest
    Jordan Vargas Packaging Tech
  • Resident Scutoid. Chief Weirdo. Funk Crusader. Full-time hipster. Loves: Coffee. Dogs. Climbing. Vinyl. Science. Books. Sour Beer.

    Coop of choiceId No. 4: Oak Aged Sour Farmhouse Ale
    Shawn Savuto Quality Control Specialist
Supply Chain
  • Coop of choiceGran Sport Porter
    Kelly Sterling Logistics Specialist
Oklahoma Sales
  • Chris is our Oklahoma Sales Representative and works with our state Sales Manager as well as our distribution partners throughout the territory to expand in-market sales activities. Chris and his wife, heather, love to travel. Venice is at the top of their list of places to visit.

    Coop of choiceCOOP 66
    Chris Converse State Director - Oklahoma
  • Coop of choiceHook Echo
    Jason Priegnitz On-Premise Sales Representative
  • Benny Jacobs Central Oklahoma On-Premise Sales Representative
  • Alex started his beverage career 8 years ago on the distributor side working various channels with spirits, wine, and beer. He is a graduate from Oklahoma State University and lives in an OSU/OU house divided with his wife Taryn of 4 years, and two kids Luna and Lucas. Outside of the beverage industry passion, Alex enjoys fishing, hunting, golfing and spending time with his family.

    Coop of choiceCOOP 66
    Alex Putlak Central Oklahoma Off Premise Independent Sales Representative
  • Connor is the Northeastern Oklahoma Sales Rep. His primary function is serving the Tulsa area for off-premise sales. You can catch him playing music with his band, throwing discs with friends, and cooking or hiking in his free time.

    Coop of choiceF5
    Connor Bradley Northeastern Oklahoma Sales Representative
National Sales
  • Jayson is originally from Oklahoma and started in the beer business while still in college. He has two young boys, Rhett and Graham, his wife Lisa, and a border collie named Scout. He has the true belief that beer makes the world a better place by bringing people together.

    Coop of choiceAged DNR
    Jayson Heater Sr. Director of National Retail Accounts
  • Coop of choiceLounge Hound Lager
    Jeremy Bronson Regional Commercial Director
  • Coop of choiceAlpha Hive
    Cade Christian Regional Commercial Manager
  • Ryan is a 14 year industry vet that has experience at all levels of the industry. Originally from Kansas, he started his career with Standard Beverage, worked at Left Hand Brewing for 10 years on the sales side, starting as a sales rep and moving his way up to National Accounts. Most recently, he was the Director of Sales at Dry Dock Brewing in Colorado. Being from Kansas, he's a huge Chiefs and Jayhawks fan. He currently lives here in Colorado with his wife Nikki, 2 sons Jaggar & Declan and their 2 dogs Charlie and Cash. In his free time Ryan is an avid cyclists and love to travel.

    Ryan Call Western Regional Commercial Director
  • Mike is an industry vet selling in Colorado, Florida, Texas, across the Midwest and parts of the east coast. He lives in the Cleveland Ohio area with his wife Kim. Mike and Kim enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, golf, bowling and family vacations at the beach.

    Coop of choiceF5 IPA
    Mike Doyle Midwest Regional Commercial Director
  • Brian is an industry vet with experience as a supplier and distributor in all product categories in the beverage alcohol industry. He has lived and worked in CA, IL, and OH. He is originally from Northern Ohio and currently lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife Therese and son Andrew. He also has a daughter, Megan, who resides in St. Paul, MN. Brian enjoys live music, traveling, hiking, golfing, and spending time outside with his family and their dog, Lucy.

    Coop of choiceNative Amber
    Brian Foust Southeast Regional Commercial Director
  • Jonathan Huie is a dynamic sales professional with 20+ years of experience building Alcohol and Non-Alcoholic beverage brands. He specializes managing national and regional chain accounts. His hobbies include golf, walking, and working on his DeLorean DMC-12 with Dr. Emmett Brown.

    Coop of choiceICE CHEST
    Jonathan Huie Southwest Key Account Manager
  • Bruce is an industry expert having worked in alc bev his entire career and is excited to be with COOP Ale/Bev Works! He lives in the Grand Rapids MI area with his wife, Cathy. Bruce and Cathy have 2 sons, one daughter-in-law, 2 grandsons and 2 dogs.

    Coop of choiceF5 IPA
    Bruce Parks Northern Key Account Manager
  • Coop of choiceHorny Toad
    Justus Vega Graphic Designer Manager
  • Coop of choice2018 Territorial Reserve
    Kaity Menasco Brand Marketing and Events Manager
  • Coop of choiceOktoberfest
    Kari Conant Brand Marketing Specialist
  • Nick works in the marketing department as an in-house graphic designer to assist the Graphic Design Manager with producing various branding assets. This includes Point of Sale collateral, visual merchandise, company newsletters, and on-site promotional event materials.​​​​​​​

    Outside of work you can find Nick skateboarding, fishing, or working on projects for his clothing brand, Nico.”

    Coop of choiceHorny Toad
    Nick Sexton Graphic Design Specialist