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We are a craft brewery based in Oklahoma City, dedicated to brewing full flavor beers with the
greatest attention to quality.

Our Process

“While you’re painting murals, working at your desk, constructing houses, cutting grass or building a startup, here’s what we’re doing to ensure your happy hour is the most refreshing part of your day.

Process Videos Coming in January when we move into our new space.

1. Brewing

We start by milling grain, mixing it with water, rinsing it and then boiling the wort derived from the grain. During the boil, we add hops to create bitterness – late additions create mostly flavor and aroma.

Process Videos Coming in January when we move into our new space.

2. Fermentation and Aging

During fermentation, typically 4-14 days, yeast eat sugar in the wort and their byproduct is CO2 and alcohol. The beer is then cooled, conditioned and carbonated before packaging. Some of our beers are aged for up to a year.

Process Videos Coming in January when we move into our new space.

3. Packaging

We send beer out the door in cans, bottles and kegs. The systems for these packages vary from hand bottling and kegging to our computer controlled canning system that’s full of pistons, belts, motors, solenoids and gears.

Our Team

“Every drop of COOP that you drink begins with this team, these people and their passion for craft beer. These are their stories, where they’re from and why they’re here working in your favorite brewery.

Daniel Mercer

Co-Founder, Operations and Finance

With a background in venture capital, corporate finance and consulting, Mr. Mercer brings unique business and financial guidance to the COOP team. He spent the better part of decade playing with numbers and investing other people’s money in startups before co-founding COOP.  Life is much more fulfilling and balanced in the beer world.

He leads COOP’s business planning, financial management and operations development, and plays electrician, janitor and general handyman when necessary. When he’s not working, he can likely be found traveling, flying or enjoying refreshing beverages. Daniel earned a BSB in Economics from Oklahoma City University, is a graduate of the Federal Reserve Bank’s Community Development Lending School and served as an officer in the USAF.

• • • • • •

Blake Jarolim

Head Brewer

An avid home brewer and enthusiast of all things fermentable, Mr. Jarolim brings experience and originality to the world of brewing and the COOP team. As a big believer in the notion that ‘good beer brings good people together’, he pursues creative and consistent brews around which people can gather. Blake has a background in teaching, having taught for several years in Oklahoma City in a middle school setting before being asked to join the COOP team full time.

His passion for science, math, and education is not lost in the world of craft brewing as he enjoys teaching and being taught the mystery behind the beer. An Oklahoma Native, Blake is thrilled to be a part of a local brewery passionate about bringing quality local beer to taps and homes in Oklahoma City and beyond. Blake earned his bachelor’s degree in Theology from Southern Nazarene University.

• • • • • •

Will Quinlin


Originally from California, Will discovered his passion for beer while living in San Diego, surrounded by world class breweries. He has been brewing fermentables for the past eight years, with four of those volunteering and making small batches for COOP before coming on full time. Will attended the Professional Culinary Institute in Campbell, CA, becoming a Certified Sommelier. He enjoys climbing and jamming on his guitfiddle in his spare time. Will is also the only single guy at COOP. For a good time call 1-800-555-7863.

• • • • • •

Jonathan Bean


Jonathan is a work hard, play hard kind of guy. Jonathan and his wife Erica are putting down roots here in Oklahoma City.  He was born in Reno, Nevada and transplanted here after having lived in Texas, Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas.  He came to the team after working in several other industries and studying at Southern Nazarene University.  He is a Jack of all Trades on the production side of the company, but most specifically focused on packaging, cellaring and warehousing.  When he is not working, Jonathan pursues the outdoors, community and urban farming.

• • • • • •

Victoria Hubbard

Marketing & Events Specialist

As graduate from SMU’s Temerlin Advertising Institute, Victoria brings advertising and social media expertise to the marketing side of the craft beer business.  She is often found enthusiastically representing COOP Ale Works at tastings, festivals, fundraisers and Tap Room tours.  When she’s not promoting Oklahoma’s best craft beer, Victoria likes to think she can be found at The Opolis, Midtown OKC or Cain’s Ballroom, but realistically, she’s probably watching Netflix with her dog.

• • • • • •

Lauren Belteau Gerfen

Administrative Specialist

Lauren Belteau Gerfen is a transplant to Oklahoma with roots in the mountain west.  She brings a quizzical and meticulous nature to the COOP brand and brewery family. Lauren has a degree in Art History from the University of Colorado and a professional background in art history and archiving.  Her passion for the local/handcrafted movement ranges from beer to art to food and makes for a perfect fit with COOP Ale Works personally and professionally.  In her spare time she can be found traveling, eating, drinking, crafting and looking for adventure.

• • • • • •

Eric Pennell

Oklahoma Sales Representative

Eric Pennell is a born n’ bred Okie with a degree in Finance from The University of Oklahoma. His beer career has included everything from Assistant Brewer to Sales Representative for some of world’s largest breweries. He is now in charge of market interactions and sales for the Central Oklahoma region. Outside of work, he enjoys adventuring with his beautiful wife Amber, amazing stepson Julian, and wild Golden Retriever brothers BennyJack and Hamish. Whether it be hiking through the Rockies or an evening walk through the neighborhood, you can see this crew coming from a mile away. Eric also likes good beer, great music and Liverpool FC.

• • • • • •

Shawn Savuto

QA/QC Technician and Packaging Specialist

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Shawn is a graduate from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Microbiology. As a passionate fan of craft beer he began home brewing during his time at OU and was hooked on the art and science of fermentation. Outside of work Shawn enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and climbing, as well as reading, cooking, listening to his vinyl collection and nerding in general.

• • • • • •

Katie Edge

Marketing Assistant

Katie is an Oklahoma State graduate with a degree in Marketing. You can find her anywhere from representing COOP at events to packaging beer in the brewery. Katie is an Oklahoma City native and loves cheering on the Thunder. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, spending time with her family, and adventuring with her Golden Retriever, Sophie.

• • • • • •


Packaging Specialist

One day in 2014 after crashing a batch of porter, we found a tiny little baby in the bottom of a fermenter. We hosed him off and raised him as our own. Over the course of only a few months, he magically grew into a full-size, full-time Claunch. Claunch speaks 17 languages fluently, loves birthday cake, and wrestles people in his free time. He always wins.